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Round Table on Aesthetics in Marketing

For Clients, associated consultants and partners

Next Wednesday, February 25th, at 9:00 am (New York Time) there will be a Round Table on the Aesthetics of Communications in Marketing.  If you are interested in participating but you are not registered yet, please register here, there are no costs involved:

Communication is intrinsically a complex problem. It requires dealing with the nature of the problem and developing a solution.
Therefore individual actions do not suffice to provide solutions. Cooperation is basic to ensure results.


We would like to recall a real case of World War II. When war ships sunk there were more middle age survivors than young soldiers. This case was studied, I believe at Stanford, and what was discovered is that middle age people helped each other to survive and young people tried to survive on their own. From then on soldiers were trained in cooperative survival actions.

That is why in all our learning activities, on unicist strategy and complex problem solutions, it is strongly recommended to develop the activity exchanging experiences with others.

Individual preparation

We strongly recommend you to prepare the round table in order to obtain the maximal profit from it. It is recommended that you enter in the synthetic description of the unicist approach that you will find here:

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We will be using the conceptual definitions of the communication approach that were used in the Special Clinic that was held in January, and in the Reflection Clinic with Peter Belohlavek.

This clinic was based on the reflection on the following riddle and its application to different personal and business fields.

The Riddle

The cost of a glass is in its solid;
its value is in its hollow.
Its cost has no value.
Its value has no cost.
But both of them are within the glass.

Peter Belohlavek

Application fields

Image building

The cost of your image is given by what you have.
The value is given by what you give.
What you have has no value.
What you give has no cost.
But both are integrated in your image.

Selling process

The cost of selling is given by influencing buyers.
The value is given by satisfying their needs.
Influencing clients has no value.
Satisfying needs has no cost.
But both are integrated in a selling process.

Educational process

The cost of education is given by teaching.
The value is given by learning.
Teaching has no value.
Learning has no cost.
But both are integrated in an education process.

Personal relationships

The cost of a personal relationship is given by supplementarity.
The value is given by complementarity.
Supplementarity has no value.
Complementarity has no cost.
But both are integrated in a personal relationship.

Dealing with the nature of problems is necessarily abstract but the solutions have to be necessarily concrete.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence