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Value Adding Business – Renewal of the Commitment

Knowledge Businesses are intrinsically ruled by the “Added Value Ethics”. Our position as world leader in complexity research applied to evolution in the social, institutional, business and individual fields requires a consistent commitment of our partners.

We are proposing real solutions to face the global crisis:

We are changing the world….. Participate!

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This commitment implies abandoning empirical methods and methodologies in order to use unicist ontological technologies to deal with the nature of the complex problems we are solving. Empirical approaches suffice to solve simple problems but are dysfunctional to solve complexity.

As part of our growth program, in the next month we are integrating 35 associated consultants and 4 partners in the world.

We also confirmed a new category of partners:

“Local individual business partners”

for those who don’t have the vocation to deal with foreign cultures.

The change from empirical methodologies to unicist ontology based technologies requires a learning process that is based on the Unicist Personalized Education which means a continuous improvement process where “Today better than yesterday” has to be a rule.  Learning step by step to use double dialectical thinking is a basic requirement to be able to deal with problems based on their nature.

This is what we propose to our clients:

“Use unicist technologies to replace empirical methodologies in strategy building”

We have to preach by example.

Please reconfirm your commitment to: n.i.brown@unicist.org

The world market deserves it. Growth is the measure.

Executive Committee