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Unicist Partners' Expansion Program – Unicist Confederation’s Vision

We are now in the middle of the Partners’ Expansion Program. That is why time has come to openly publish the Vision of the Unicist Confederation’s business.

Unicist Confederation’s vision is included in the Critical Mass Strategy that all our present partners already have. But we considered that time has come to publish the vision of the business for everyone.

This is the vision all newcomers must share in order to be admitted as partners of the Unicist Confederation.

The basic commitment:

All members of the Unicist Confederation are committed with the objective of dealing with the nature of reality to make things happen.

This implies managing unicist thinking to emulate the structure of the nature of a problem.

The objective is that unicist ontology based technologies replace the empirical strategy building methodologies worldwide.

Questions like:

“How do double dialectical processes work in:

ROI – ROE – Psychology – Financial decisions – Sales processes – Continuous Improvement – Leadership – Alliances – Mergers – etc.”

have to be answered by our partners.

All our counselors need to be able to deal with the ontological structure of their field of expertise. This requires being able to deal with the structure of the nature of a problem. When this has been accomplished, wisdom has been achieved in that field. Wisdom doesn’t mean erudition. Wise is the one who can make things happen (this is an ancient definition of wisdom).

We need all our organization to be focused on learning, step by step, how to envision the ontological structure of the nature of a problem, and how to solve it.

We strongly recommend reading the Vision of the Unicist Confederation that has been published, in order to have the necessary information for the admission process of new partners.

English: http://www.unicist.net/vision.shtml
Portuguese: http://www.unicist.net/br/vision.shtml
Spanish: http://www.unicist.net/es/vision.shtml

An access to the Vision of the Unicist Confederation and an access to the Unicist Partners News has been included in our Partners’ websites.

Executive Committee