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10,000 individual clients in 2009

In 2008 our organization was Network oriented. Beginning on January 30, 2009 our organization will be specialization driven and market oriented.
During the last three months we have tripled the size of our organization. We will be maintaining this speed of growth during 2009.
In order to achieve the goal of 10,000 individual clients in 2009 we have begun with the integration of exclusive “Cooperative Associated Consultants” worldwide in order to develop 1,000 partners by the end of the year.
Their business will be focused on individual programs for mid-size business owners and managers.
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These Cooperative Associated Consultants will be managed by the regional partners of our organization.
We are integrating young graduates who will be participating in a one year Program on Unicist Strategy for graduates, to access a specialized knowledge within unicist technologies. This program (cost USD 25,000) will be part of their exclusive activity during the next year. An alterntive is the participation in a three months program for the beginning.
We will be having an exclusive Cooperative Associated Consultant in every significant city in the world.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

Unicist Strategy: The New Standard in Business Strategy (*)

The Unicist Research Institute is making a great dissemination effort in order to introduce the unicist ontological approach in different sciences that deal with evolution.

All partners of the Unicist Confederation are recommended to present the unicist approach based on its real value, as what it is:

The new standard in business strategy building.

External time, market time, drives our action. Our success depends on our speed and acceleration.

The discoveries of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature, its consequent unicist ontology of evolution,  the development of the unicist logic and the discovery of unicist thinking (double dialectical thinking) made at The Unicist Research Institute laid the groundings for the unicist strategic approach to businesses.

This is a new standard that deals with the nature of businesses to make things happen.

This approach includes:

1) Unicist Strategy
2) Unicist Natural Organization (object driven organization)
3) Unicist Ontological Market Segmentation
4) Unicist Future Scenario Building

Technologies establish standards for users. The Unicist Confederation is promoting the use of the unicist standard to solve complex problems and to build business strategies.

All what our potential clients need to know to learn about this standard is what this unicist approach is for and what its groundings are that make it a secure technology.

Our success depends now on our communication capacity. It is a minimum strategy; it just depends on us.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

(*) This post includes information on the nature of a specific issue. We recommend to file this post in a special folder as a cognitive object in order to be able to access it when it is needed (The Editor).