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For Presidents of Goodwill Houses

We strongly recommend using the following content of “Family Business growth problem” as the preparation debate for the clinic on January 22/23. We welcome all members of the Goodwill Network who want to volunteer to organize a Goodwill House and preside the meeting of the X International Unicist Conference.

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The debate

Family businesses and personal businesses are a known subject for the community. This aspects will be discussed during the clinic. The previous preparation of participants will be helpful to accept that one is responsible for ones’ involution and evolution in business.
During the activity the following slides will be available on Internet.
Please help participants to learn to deal with the nature of their business.

Family business growth problem

All our partners who began in May their participation in a Japanese Park received the diagnosis of their business that included their positioning as a family business.

Entrepreneurs usually work as family businesses. They might be a one-person business or a Corporation.

Our partners were informed in the report about the nature of family businesses.

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There are business driven family businesses when the business rules prevail and family driven businesses when family rules or personal rules prevail.

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What was defined in the diagnosis, in “diplomatic language”, is that all those who run their business as a family driven business, where the personal opinion of the owner supersedes the business rules, could not grow.

Stagnated family driven businesses are in involution and business driven family businesses are in evolution.

There is no possibility of growth in a stagnated family driven company, where the personal subjective opinions of the owners prevail over the objective business rules.

Business rules are based on strategic, qualitative and quantitative methods. ROI is a must to run a business as such. It might be extremely big or small. ROI is the justification of a business. Ego is not part of the calculus.

When a business is in involution it cannot be helped; provoking evolution conflicts produces a 180º conflict that annuls and destroys the business and the relationship.

Family businesses cannot grow beyond the limits of their “familiar” relationships. They cannot open the doors of their houses to “strangers”. They try to use them for their own benefit. Unicist Confederation’s motto “Cooperation in diversity” sounds like a diabolic utopia for them.

The Unicist Confederation is an enterprise. Thus only business rules prevail. This provides an institutional environment and a natural maximal strategy for the partners that integrate the Confederation.

Family driven businesses only know how to work within the limits of the influence of the family. When there is a favorable wind, the passive hunting and farming activity works, and the owners consider that they provoked the wind. But when the market conditions do not pull the business, the survival of family driven businesses is endangered.

Thus the global crisis threatens all the family driven businesses. Counter-cyclical strategies in family driven businesses necessarily require transforming the strategy into a business driven family business.

Time management

One of the main characteristics of family driven businesses is that the time is based on the needs of the family members. When they are workaholic they work 24 hours a day. When they are not, they usually separate strictly the time for the business and the time for the family. When they are “familiar”, family time prevails.

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A company is in involution when family or personal time prevails over the objective needs of external time.

Time has no value, time is a cost. When a company is driven by the internal time of the owners, which is a typical limit of family driven businesses, the possibility of taking opportunities is inhibited.

External time rules in business. If the internal time cannot adapt to the external time we are not in a business. We are in a personal subjective activity or pastime.

One of the conditions to develop counter-cyclical strategies is to be able to adapt to the external time of the new environment. Those who are able to do so will succeed.

Please help participants to learn to deal with the nature of their business.

Conference Organization Committee