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Open Unicist Organizational Laboratory 2009

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This is the first communication of the Open Unicist Org-Lab. Open implies that our Corporate Clients and selected Individual Clients are receiving the access to the Unicist Partner News. This communication is already open to clients.

From now on the Unicist Confederation will be open, including “the client” in our organization, as it is implicit in our etiquette and protocol that was communicated on September 4th, 2008.

The Unicist Approach

The approach to manage problems based on their nature is the core value that has to be shared by all members of the Confederation. This implies integrating fundamental analysis with technical analysis to find simple and effective solutions.

We recommend that you download the information that describes the Unicist Knowledge Bank from here:

Diagnoses, alliances, mergers and acquisitions
Walter Fonseca - President UKC-Genève

Walter Fonseca - President UKC-Genève

Because of the predictive power of unicist technologies, one of their most value adding functions are business diagnoses and business strategies.
To take advantage of this added value a segment for diagnoses, alliances mergers and acquisitions for mid-size companies has been organized as a global business.
The participating consulting and CPA firms will be managed by the UKC- Genève. There are several project already ongoing.
This segment opens adjacent technology demands in the field of strategy, market-labs and org-labs.
Partners who want to participate, please contact: malvaro@unicist.net

In-Company Corporate University
Carla Pelosso - President UKC-Madrid

Carla Pelosso - President UKC-Madrid

The In-company Corporate University is building a group of partners to deal with the installation of the “Unicist Personalized Education” for high potentials focused on Growth Programs. This segment will be led by UKC-Madrid. Partners who want to participate in this project can obtain further information on TURI’s Website.
Consider that the unicist educational approach is a change of the dominant educational paradigms focusing on the nature of adults’ learning processes. The first approach to clients is the “Unicist Growth Strategy Clinic”.
After having decided to participate, please contact malvaro@unicist.net

Unicist CRM
The Unicist Critical Mass Strategy implies investment of time and a personal attitude. It requires the development of an institutional plus a personal relationship. The taxonomic steps to be followed are:
1) Earn Credibility
2) Earn Confidence
3) Earn Intimacy
4) Develop Partnering
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The activity is very simple and not time consuming. It requires some time investment at the beginning. But afterwards, it requires more attitude than time.

Certification of Partners

An essentially analogous activity field is medicine.
1) Patients come from outside and visit the hospital to solve problems.
2) MD have two languages: one with the patient and another to discuss the problems with other doctors.
3) Individuals who suffered many diseases do not receive and MD certificate.
4) To be an MD an individual must have proven to have grounded knowledge (reasonable, understandable and provable).

As we need to work with World Class Partners, witch-doctors are not welcome in our organization. They might be magicians but their knowledge is not reasonable, understandable and provable. They have their place as “alternative medicines”.

Welcome to the Unicist counter-cyclical strategy!

January 8, 2009
Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence