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Corporate Business – Future Scenarios – Counter-cyclical Strategies


The Unicist Think Tank, created for the development of Future Business Scenarios and Counter-cyclical Strategies, has been integrated with participants from the USA, UK, China and Turkey. The Think Tank will be expanded based on the needs of the Corporations. This activity is based on the goodwill created by the IX International Unicist Conference and the presentation of the book “Growth Crisis 2008”. These activities always begin with the participation of the potential clients in an individual program.

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Congratulations to all our partners and associated consultants

Commercial Success – Individual Programs
After two days (partial) of the Google ad campaign the results achieved were:
-46 prospects
-2 information requests on Unicist Strategy Programs
-3 registrations (Introduction to Unicist Strategy)
As a result of this, we have introduced the motto “Unicist Strategies make things happen” in the Unicist Confederation. We have won the “internal” authority to use it. Externally, it is self-evident in our history.
The management of prospects and clients will be decentralized as soon as a UKC:
a) Uses unicist strategies in its business
b) Has the necessary organization
c) Has the necessary delivery and quality assurance or an agreement with another partner to deliver (transition)
During a transition of 30 days the requests of information will be responded centrally, but the CRM fees will be considered as if they were done by the corresponding partner.

Congratulations to all our partners and associated consultants for the effort that has been done!!!