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Unicist Round Table Launching

The Unicist Round Table

The Unicist Round Table

The Unicist Round Table pilot test was successfully launched on Monday, September 15 with the participation of Angela Moretti, Joni Ryan and Katherine Hosie.

Round Tables are meeting places, organized by the Unicist Confederation, to share experiences between partners, clients and members of the Unicist Network. Peter Belohlavek participated in his role as ombudsman.

From now on Unicist Round Tables integrate the Critical Mass Strategy Model.


Reading the Nature of Reality – “Playing by ear vs. Grounded Playing”

Diana Belohlavek

By Diana Belohlavek

Welcome to the world of the use of Unicist Logical Language to read the nature of reality. The discovery of the Unicist Ontology of Evolution and the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature opened the access to the nature of reality in order to influence while being influenced.

The Unicist Logical Language is the tool to read, apprehend and understand reality, accessing its objective and unique functionality.

You can access this short e-book at: