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Urgent – Global Communication Committee

UKC - Medellin Colombia

UKC - Medellin Colombia

Juan Alvarez is the Coordinator of the Global Communication Committee. The first activity of this committee is the monitoring and adapting of the Google ads to the local cultures where they are inserted.
Google ads that are not successful within the first 4 days must be changed or relocated.

Urgent participation of all the Presidents of the UKCs is required.

For more details, please contact Juan Alvarez:



Back2Back – Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing for Partners

VSEE is the new standard for desktop sharing. It is the new system for global, transparent & cooperative work between partners and with clients. It has been approved after testing it for six months. It is one of our operation standards fulfilling the Quality Assurance needs.

It is the necessary tool for cooperative real-time developments.
You will find the access in the left menu, under “Shared Platforms” at www.unicist.net