Feed-back from the X International Unicist Conference – Clinic on “Institutionalization”

We have received a great amount of comments on the clinic. We are publishing some of them in order to clarify Unicist Technologies’ Positioning:

“It is incredible how obviousness can be described and used.“
“It has been an extreme mind-opening experience.“
“It was very interesting and useful. It changed my personal vision.“
“I agree that simple does not mean easy, but it is extremely powerful.“
“It has been very useful. I perceive a different cultural approach and learning process.“
“It has been a pleasure, a great added value and an enormous challenge.“
“All the concepts discussed have been very “fruitful.”
“I learned a lot. I am eager to apply what I have learned.“
“The activity has been very interesting but above all very productive.“
“Specifically it helped me to understand the family business.“
“I hope to be able to improve my time management in a rational way.“

(Some of theses comments are translations.)

This is just another demonstration that “Dealing with the nature of reality to make things happen” has high “rating” when working with our segments.

Thank you to all who made this Conference happen.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence