Why is education degraded in many central and peripheral countries?

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A challenging lecture on the unicist ontological research on the evolution of intelligence was led by Peter Belohlavek on May, 15. This activity was sponsored by the Goodwill Network to foster talent development. The research covered 10 countries with apparent extremely different conditions but arriving at the same results.

“What happens with a bright 3-year old child that becomes a 50-year old shiftless individual? Fallacious myths are the answer.
Individuals are exposed to external inhibitors to make them fit into the culture they belong to. Fallacious myths are one of the fundamentals of cultures. People integrate in communities because of their weaknesses and compete based on their strengths. Fallacious myths have a double function: on the one hand, they generate involution but, on the other hand, they are basic for cultures to sustain their identity. But it has to be considered that both abundance and poverty are inhibitors of intelligence…” (Peter Belohlavek)

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