Unicist Thinking and the Emulation of the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature (*)

The discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature made the development of the unicist ontology of evolution possible. The ontogenetic intelligence of nature was discovered at The Unicist Research Institute more than 25 years ago.

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Besides defining the structure of nature, being part of the DNA, the ontogenetic intelligence is implicit in all human actions. Humans can only build external deeds based on the structure of their own nature.

Unicist thinking

Unicist thinking is an emulation of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature and makes the approach to the nature of problems possible.  Concepts, belonging in the past to the field of Philosophy, are the intuitive way humans try to apprehend the nature of a specific reality.

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The Unicist approach used this same word, concepts,  to describe the nature of reality considering its three aspects integrated in one: its purpose, its action principle and its energy conservation principle.

Learning to deal with the nature of a reality

Emulation of nature is necessary to deal with it. This emulation requires the unicist double dialectical thinking integrating on the one hand, the purpose with its action principle, and on the other hand, the purpose with its energy conservation principle. Then both dialectics need to be integrated in its oneness. To do so it is necessary to:

1)    Have a real “what for” in the analysis.
2)    Manage the double dialectical approach to reality.
3)    Deal with conjunctions, eliminating disjunctions in the analysis (This implies positive thinking).
4)    Be able to deal with backward-chaining thinking (essential “reverse engineering”).
5)    Accept the functional oneness of a specific reality.

Strategy building implies respecting evolution

Strategy building is based on understanding evolution. Without the understanding of evolution there is no possibility of building any strategy. Developing strategies that are based on the nature of reality makes things happen with the highest added value and the minimal cost.

Without a previous vision of the nature of a reality no strategic approach is possible. But after having the vision it is necessary to have the necessary knowledge to transform this vision into real actions to make things happen.

Diana Belohlavek
Knowledge Bank Manager

(*) This post includes information on the nature of a specific issue. We recommend to file this post in a special folder as a cognitive object in order to be able to access it when it is needed (The Editor).