Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Technologies' Business for Newcomers (*)

Welcome to the Unicist Confederation. We would like to reinforce the condition that all the members of the organization need to deal with the nature of the business they are managing. This implies being specialized in a field where both the technical analytical knowledge and the fundamental knowledge is managed in order to deal with the nature of reality to “make things happen”.

Different businesses require different ethics

Small commercial businesses are usually managed with the “survivors’ ethics”.
Commercial, servicing and small industries need to run the business based on the “earned value ethics”.
Industrial businesses need to be managed based on the “added value ethics”.
Knowledge Businesses need to be managed based on the “ethics of foundations”.

Different professional activities also require different levels of “ethical intelligence” to be managed.

This implies the understanding and acceptance of the rules that regulate businesses. A business implodes if it is run at a level below the one that is necessary. If it is run at a level above the necessary, it explodes.

Our business is a knowledge business that needs to deal with the Ethic of Foundations in order to be able to manage technical analytical knowledge and at the same time fundamental knowledge to influence others’ activity to make things happen.

Corporate Business 2009

Within the scope of all the unicist technologies that are available, we will be focusing on:

Diagnoses and Strategies – for business growth
Market Laboratories – for business growth
Organizational Laboratories / Object Driven Organization – for business optimization
Corporate Universities – to foster institutionalization for business growth
Commercial Network Building – to foster institutionalization for business growth

Individual Business 2009

In the individual business we will be focusing on the transfer of unicist technologies in the field of unicist thinking and unicist strategies with the multiple application possibilities they enable (see individual programs).

Five Eagles – Unicist Reliability System

Our learning programs to deal with the fundamentals in the field our member has her/his technical expertise require the full respect of the taxonomies of the learning processes. This implies that all members, who have decided to deal with the nature of businesses, respect the taxonomies of their own learning processes. The disrespect of the taxonomies hinders learning and cannot be accepted within our organization. We preach by example. Therefore we remind all our members that the application of the system is automatic, without communication to the participants.

5 Eagles – URS: https://www.unicist.org/conceptual-thinking/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/five_eagles_en.pdf

Revenue – Critical Mass Strategy

Please consider the Critical Mass Strategy to achieve the revenue agreed in the Unicist Partnering Agreement.

Consider this is basic to demonstrate that the motto:

“The New Standard in Business Strategy”

is true.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

(*) This post includes information on the nature of a specific issue. We recommend to file this post in a special folder as a cognitive object in order to be able to access it when it is needed (The Editor).

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