Unicist Approach – Declaration of principles

Managing reality based on its nature requires several conditions to be accomplished:

Our responsibility is to add value to the environment and profit from it.
Most people entrust the responsibility of solving the complexity of reality to God, the Government, their Organization or their Boss. Most people usually project on others, judging them for not being what they projected on them.

We are inviting all of you to change the world:

I) We are changing the world by assuming the responsibility of making things happen, without quitting because they appear to be too complex.
II) We are changing the world because we demand awareness of reality.
III) We are changing the world by being democratic, exposing the foundations of what we say or do.
IV) We are changing the world respecting others, whatever the culture they are in, without projecting on them our beliefs or values.

We invite you to enter, step by step, in the understanding of the nature of reality in order to be able to assume the responsibility of making things happen.
We invite you to build the best business in the world, adding extreme value with a minimum cost: The attitude is the cost to be paid.

Access to this document: http://www.unicist.net/vision.shtml

Executive Committee