Skype Hotline for Unicist Confederation’s Growth Strategy

Our growth program requires now a steady acceleration in order to achieve the established objectives.
We decided to use Skype as our Hotline in order to make it accessible when partners are on a business trip.

Growth, growth, growth

Growth, growth, growth

Peter Belohlavek is in charge of the Hotline to ensure the prompt solution of the strategy implementation questions. Growth is now a “Capital Question”.
Please open a special account for this purpose and confirm to that it has been opened.

Hotline questions need to be solved within the next 24 hours.

The account has to have the following description (this is an example, please use the name of your UKC):

Full Name : UKC-Houston-hotline
Username:   UKC-Houston-hotline

Register the e-mail of your UKC.

Then register the password and the rest of the information you consider appropriate.

You will be receiving Peter Belohlavek’s hotline per e-mail.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence