Scientific Dissemination Program for New Generation Leaders

We are beginning the dissemination program of the Unicist Technologies among the New Generation of Future Leaders in the world to help them to avoid the stupefying models that transform humans in “tell me how” robots.  We decided to begin by disseminating this program worldwide in Universities contacting directly the “Alumni Associations” to organize lectures.
The objective is to invite future leaders to access the Unicist Strategy Technologies to deal with the nature of reality and not with the self-evident operational aspects and their analogies.

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The breakthrough

The Unicist Research Institute produced a breakthrough in science installing a standard to research in the field of complexity science to influence evolution.

The basic discoveries on which the unicist technology is based are:
1) Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature – describing the logical behavior of nature
2) The Unicist Ontology of Evolution – describing the evolution laws of nature
3) Human Ontointelligence – the intelligence humans use to emulate the model of nature
4) The Unicist Complexity Research Methodology
The apparent paradox is that these discoveries are both a breakthrough and a back to basics.

The lectures

As part of this program, the one and a half-hour lectures will be held live by all our voluntary associated consultants in the Universities of their choice. Centrally, we are promoting the dissemination in some Universities in order to multiply the activity afterwards. And we will begin to foster the use of these technologies at the following Universities: Houston, Colorado, Stanford, UCLA, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Oxford, London School of Economics, Heidelberg, München, Sydney and Melbourne.


We invite our partners to participate in this program that both helps people to avoid degradation and at the same time develops their business.
Our Voluntary Associated Consultants are already committed to expand the good news of this scientific breakthrough.
Lectures can be held in local languages but the slides have to be in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
To access the content of the lectures, please contact me at:

Diana Belohlavek
Knowledge Bank Manager