Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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New organization of the Unicist Confederation

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Presentation of the final stage of the organization of the Unicist Confederation

The Unicist Research Institute, as a complexity science research center, began its activities in 1976, while the Global Unicist Confederation was launched last year in May, 2008. During this period the organization of the Confederation has followed the taxonomy or organizational design in order to achieve its maturity. During this year, and following the steps of the unicist taxonomy of organizational design (see corresponding methodology), we have passed through:

1) Japanese Park
2) Definition of responsibilities
3) Clarification of methodologies
4) Definition of the “Use value” (added value)
5) Definition of the methods
6) Cost optimization
7) Confirmation of the “Use value” (destructive and non-destructive pilot tests)

This was the effort we had to do in order to be able to present the second stage.

Thus the new organization is working full speed ahead, and we are inviting our partners and associated consultants to participate in the new stage, which is the final stage, developing the Unicist Confederation in their specialization field.

We are integrating researchers to participate in the field of applied research and hope that all our partners participate in the expansion of the activity.

From now on the community of researchers and users of Unicist Technologies will be integrated in the following specialization blogs:

Social & Economic Cybernetics
Healthcare Cybernetics
Management Cybernetics
Engineering Cybernetics
IT Cybernetics
Financial Cybernetics
Talent Development

We are integrating in our organization young researchers to develop, at the first stage, research projects for global and local organizations worldwide (on a non profit basis) in order to learn to manage the unicist technologies.

See: http://www.unicist.org/volunteer.shtml

In the second stage those participants who want to join our organization are welcome to do so. This second stage implies a profit based organization.

As it has been defined, we will have around 150 researchers per area. The research projects are defined in each blog.

We hope you participate in the organization. Please contact Diana Belohlavek: dbelohlavek@unicist.org

Executive Committee

If you would like to receive monthly information on new scientific developments, please register here.

If you would like to get acquainted with unicist technologies, you can request an invitation as a Guest Participant in a module of Unicist Strategy.

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