Lecture on Unicist Thinking to expand personal boundaries

The Goodwill Network restarted the Open Talent Development Program to foster personal evolution within an environment of Sustainable Globalization and Development.

The Goodwill Network (GN) is a global organization that fosters the development of equal opportunities for all.
The GN works as a “pay it forward” chain to promote an added value ethic by giving opportunities to others who pay them forward.
The discovery of ethical intelligence opened new frontiers for personal development.
The purpose of the Goodwill Network is to promote a reflective approach to reality to be able to influence on personal sustainable development.

What happens with a kid that is a bright 3-year old child and becomes a 50-year old shiftless individual?

Individuals are exposed to external inhibitors that tend to massify them to make them fit into the culture they belong to.

Unicist Thinking, discovered at The Unicist Research Institute,  emulates the evolution of nature. The unicist double dialectical thinking, emulating the ontogenetic intelligence of nature, makes a realistic approach to reality possible. It changed the paradigms installed by Hegel’s idealistic dialectics and Marx’s materialistic dialectics that are intellectual approaches to reality. That is why the Unicist Thinking process expands the boundaries of the individuals’ approach to reality.

Doers build the world. This program seeks to provide worldwide doers an approach to foster their brightness to expand their boundaries based on a conscious approach to generate additional added value in changing environments.

The next lecture will be held by Peter Belohlavek who discovered the functionality of the unicist double dialectical thinking.

The next free access lecture will be on: 5.15.2009 at 9:00 am New York time.

Register here: http://www.unicist.org/registration_ut.php

N.I. Brown
Academic Department