Launching of the e-book Growth Crisis 2008 – Counter-cyclical Strategy Building

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“Growth Crisis 2008” is now being distributed with free access for Governments, International Organizations, ONGs, Academics and Researchers. It will also be available at our bookstore for the general public in 10 days.
“The financial crisis 2008 is not just one more crisis. It is a structural crisis where the roots of the capitalist system have been threatened.
The history of the crisis has two basic preconditions and two main triggering causes.
The preconditions are the fall of the communist system and the use of consumerism in order to sustain scarcity as an economic driver. The two triggering causes were the technological plateau and shareholders dominance in economic organizations.
Businesses have the responsibility to survive and at the same time to develop growth counter-cyclical strategies. But in order to access a counter-cyclical effect it is necessary to change the concept of what is being offered to the market.
Counter-cyclical strategy building is based on the Unicist Ontology of Evolution and the Unicist Theory for Economic Growth.”
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