International Financial Crisis – Counter-cyclical business strategies

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The IX International Unicist Conference 2008 will present the analysis of the fundamentals underlying the International Financial Crisis and the ontological structures to build counter-cyclical business growth strategies.
The unicist ontology of economic growth describing its fundamentals has been applied since 1993 to country scenario building and to the development of business growth strategies.

International Financial Crisis – Counter-cyclic business strategies

International Financial Crisis – Counter-cyclical business strategies

The IX Unicist Conference will be based on a two and a half hour clinic where participants will experience the use of the unicist ontology for economic growth to build growth cycles and counter-cycles.
It will also include the presentation of the version 7.0 of the BEES – Blue Eagle X-pert System – to sustain the building of business strategies.
Fees for Goodwill Network members and Unicist Network members are USD100.
Fees for non members are USD 300.

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