Innovation phobics and Innovation busters cannot grasp unicist ontologies

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Dealing with a complex problem requires dealing with its ontology.
If the nature of a complex problem is not approached it cannot be apprehended.
But people can only deal with concepts that are functional to their approach to business or life. Problems become complex when their concepts exceed the boundaries of an individual. To deal with this complexity individuals need to be able to be open to innovations. And the credibility of innovation requires experiencing it. Beyond boundaries everything is new. No hedonist, conservative, innovation phobic or innovation buster can deal with innovations. They do not have the energy to deal with problems that are beyond their boundaries.
Therefore individuals can only deal with complex problems in the field in which they have sound knowledge, and so they can be creative and are open to innovations in such field.
Subjective creativity drives to innovation-busting.

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Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

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