Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Homology between Unicist Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics

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We have just published the 2.0 version of the White Paper on the Homology between Unicist Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics.  This is the result of a 10-year basic research in the field of complexity sciences.

You can access the white paper at: http://www.unicist.org/deb_unicist_mechanics.php

As you know the time we spent together was professionally very successful. The global crisis worked as a market opener for our technologies.
1) There were over 500 new research projects finished.
2) We opened 11 users’ blogs in different specialties.
3) We included two new languages (French and German), and have launched the scientific dissemination developing 5 blogs in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.
4) We are in the testing period of the Unicist Business Research Engine that will be inaugurated on November 3, 2009.
5) The Goodwill Network launched three Open Universities in Cybernetics, Health and Finances.
Time for commercial expansion has come. As we are talking of business, we strongly recommend considering the Factor “ZERO”, which is the main business killer. You will find it: at:

Scientific Foundations of the Unicist Object Driven Technologies

On request of some of our partners, in order to give access to the scientific grounding of the Unicist Object Driven Technologies to clients, we have developed a synthesis of the foundations that sustain our business.  It has been published on our partners’ websites.  This is just support information because our research sustains the unicist object driven business technologies we provide.

Discoveries – Basic Sciences

Discoveries – Applied Sciences

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