Global launching of the Google ad campaign

Today the Global Google Ad Campaign was launched by the UKC-Sydney, Katherine Hosie, in Australia.
This is a special moment because it is a sign of the global introduction of the Unicist Confederation.
This implies the confirmation of the commitment of all partners to provide complex problem solutions, business diagnostics and business strategy technologies.
We can only assume the commitments we are able to deliver. “It’s up to you” implies the different levels of ethical intelligence involved in the delivery of solutions.
We need to have a transparent organization that sells what it uses and uses what it sells.

There is room for all levels.

1) Surviving ethics allows functional trouble-shooting (80% of the business problems).
2) Earned value ethics allows designing functional operations.
3) Added value ethics allows developing growing businesses.
4) Foundations ethics allows developing functional diagnoses and strategies.

These levels evolve and involve. The higher the level the less oxygen there is available (There are no pressurized cabins).