Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Cooperation in diversity

The Unicist Confederation is based on cooperation to provide technologies in the fields of strategy and complex problem solving. The core of our present activity is focused on growth solutions for the individual and for the corporate global market.

This implies a strong cooperation within the organization in order to ensure the functionality of the solutions provided to clients.

Therefore a culture of cooperation is needed to sustain the institution. Cooperation implies doing and repairing if something has been done wrong.

We are presenting the nature of the apologizing process in order to ensure Cooperation within the Unicist Confederation and with our clients.

It has to be considered that both transparency with the market and internal transparency are an essential part of our business model.

Losers cannot apologize nor repair

Losers need to justify all that has not worked the way it was promised. Losers are weak individuals who cannot afford to use both their personal energy to apologize (ego) and the “objective” energy to repair.

When people are weak they can not repair in a field of action. And for this reason, they are not reliable.

Survivors cannot repair; they are compulsive “justificators”.

The nature of apologizing

In our organization when a participant did not fulfill what had been agreed there is a need to apologize and repair.

Those who do not apologize and repair are not trustworthy. Damages that are not repaired foster new damages. The personal cost of apologizing and the objective cost of repairing is so high that an individual has an implicit continuous improvement catalyst if s/he accepts the ethics of apologizing.

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Cooperation is based on justice and the sharing of a vital space. The maximal strategy is based on forgiveness and the minimum strategy is based on the acceptance of the regret and the reparation.

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No one repairs because “it has to be done”. Repairing is a personal need. The need to repair is the catalyst of teamwork and cooperation. Individualists do not repair because they do not cooperate.
The managing of Complex problems needs teamwork in order to apprehend their nature in a reasonable time. Therefore the ethics of cooperation is basic when solutions are being delivered.

Quality assurance – Under-promise and over-deliver

Losers over-promise to build relationships. Therefore they cannot apologize nor repair because this would imply recognizing that they are losers, and their cost would be unbearable. They need to justify or blame others for all what goes wrong.

We under-promise in order to be reliable. But under-promising implies that the needs and expectations of the clients are covered. When we over-deliver we go beyond the boundaries of our quality and productivity standards.

Who does not repair spontaneously when s/he fails is not welcome

Our clients deserve the exemplarity of all our organization. We all make mistakes, the question is if we apologize and repair or just look aside.

Our transparency model is one of our quality assurance tools to ensure that everyone is reliable and repairs in the case that damages have been made.

Please contact Angela Moretti who has read the book on cooperation with a metaphor on the nature of apologizing
Organizing a round table on this subject is strongly recommended.
The ethics of apologizing is not negotiable. Our clients deserve it.

“Cooperation in diversity” is a life philosophy.

You are welcome…

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