Confederations are the most expansive business model

The Unicist Confederation integrates organizations and individuals who have decided to solve business problems based on their nature. This implies, necessarily, being able to deal with the ontology of problems.

The Unicist Confederation is finishing its reorganization in a live 3-day clinic with the members of the Executive Committee to define the next step that will be published at the end of the event (Sunday, April 12, 2009).

Being Confederations the most expansive model (following the metaphor: because they allow building a higher mountain) the risk of entropy is higher. Therefore there is a need of strict institutional organization within the vision and mission of the Unicist Confederation.

The procedures, rules, methods and guidelines are the operational tools that sustain expansion and inhibit entropy under the umbrella of  “Cooperation in diversity”.

All the members of the Unicist Confederation need to be users of the unicist ontology based technologies in their field of specialty.

Please read carefully the e-books (they have been updated yesterday):

Confederation II – Diana Belohlavek

Institutionalization – The key to growth – Peter Belohlavek

We do not say that we use what we sell.
We just do it…

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence