Bad news: Illegal use and distribution of Unicist Technologies

We have detected that several illegal distributions and uses of our Restricted Technologies happened during the past months. We are researching deeply in order to exclude the partners who have violated the laws. The problem was detected in different countries.

We want to recall that the use or distribution of our Restricted Technologies is a crime. The distibution of electronic material of our property without respecting the formal access is also illegal. Our e-books or papers cannot be resent to others. Partners need to provide the link to the material they distribute in the Scientific Dissemination Activity.

Unicist Technologies can only be used within the business of the Unicist Confederation. The information included in the Open Access Technologies can be used respecting the rules of intellectual property.

The research of this problem will probably require two months more. Please take into account that the Unicist Confederation is based on a bona fide (good faith) contract with affectio societatis. Illegal use of our technologies implies an automatic exclusion from the Confederation.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence