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Unicist Knowledge Certification Program

We are on the deadline to develop the learning contract proposed at:

There are two different kinds of short learning programs in The Unicist Corporate University:

a) Learning Programs for Users
b) Learning Programs for Experts

They are both based on the nature of adults’ learning that has been researched and discovered at TURI (Unicist Personalized Education).

Both are pleasant processes:

A user learns the unicist approach to solve a real problem s/he has. And therefore the solution of the problem produces the pleasant feedback. The learning contracts in this case might be tacit.

On the other hand, Experts are World Class Counselors. A World Class Counselor is like a professional runner. If at the beginning s/he runs 100 meters in 30 seconds s/he will seek to improve her/his time and run the same distance in 25.  If s/he continues running the distance and improves her/his record to 15 seconds for the 100 meters s/he will be improving her/his first record. In this case, the learning contract must be explicit. The improvement provides the pleasant feedback.

To have a pleasant feedback the measurement of the real “starting case” of a partner is absolutely necessary. The first learning activity will be to improve the solution the partner developed before. That is why only those who have a permanent improvement attitude can be Counselors in the Unicist Confederation.

The continuous improvement program for partners is based on the improvement of the solutions developed by the Counselor at the time s/he managed a lower level of complexity.

We are waiting for your information.



Unicist brand positioning: e-mails

We have introduced some subtle changes in the set-up and the signature of e-mails that are sent to our clients to ensure the consistency of the positioning of our business.


Set-up: On the E-mail Settings window, enter your information under the title “Your Name” as follows:

Angela Moretti – Unicist Knowledge Center Houston

Setup of signature:

Angela Moretti
Global Unicist Knowledge Center Houston
Unicist Confederation
The Unicist Research Institute
+1-832-788-6597 – cell

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a global research center specialized in complexity sciences. Its mission is to research and develop technologies to help individuals and institutions to manage individual, institutional and social evolution problems based on the knowledge of their nature. The Unicist Confederation is a multi-local and cooperative confederation created to provide tools, technologies and solutions for complex business problems.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence