Unicist brand positioning: e-mails

We have introduced some subtle changes in the set-up and the signature of e-mails that are sent to our clients to ensure the consistency of the positioning of our business.


Set-up: On the E-mail Settings window, enter your information under the title “Your Name” as follows:

Angela Moretti – Unicist Knowledge Center Houston

Setup of signature:

Angela Moretti
Global Unicist Knowledge Center Houston
Unicist Confederation
The Unicist Research Institute
+1-832-788-6597 – cell

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a global research center specialized in complexity sciences. Its mission is to research and develop technologies to help individuals and institutions to manage individual, institutional and social evolution problems based on the knowledge of their nature. The Unicist Confederation is a multi-local and cooperative confederation created to provide tools, technologies and solutions for complex business problems.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence