Daily Archives: December 16, 2008

Partners’ Goodwill Network will be launched next week

From next Monday on, the Goodwill Network will be decentralized on the websites of our partners to enable the access to equal opportunities for all.
The objective of our organization is to introduce sustainable growth strategies worldwide which are a cultural breakthrough.
This implies a social responsibility to be assumed.
From next week on the partners of the Unicist Confederation will be participating in our non-profit activities to give this opportunities to everyone independently from their economic possibilities.


International Unicist Conference – First Symposium: Institutionalization – The key for growth building

This activity has been developed to foster growth in a crisis environment.
The Symposium of the X International Unicist Conference will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of January and will be based on a Clinic on how to build sustainable growth. Unicist Institutionalization demonstrates, among other things, that individualistic entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs are natural survivors that add value in extreme surviving conditions, but are dysfunctional to build growth. The Clinic includes the development of a strategy for introducing institutionalization to grow in companies whatever their size is.
We recommend our partners and associated consultants to install a Goodwill House and invite potential clients. The cost of the activity is USD 100.- for Goodwill Network members and USD 300.- for non-members.
Registration will be opened on Friday 19th December.
Participants will receive an e-book on “Institutionalization – The Driver of Growth”.