International Unicist Conference – First Symposium: Institutionalization – The key for growth building

This activity has been developed to foster growth in a crisis environment.
The Symposium of the X International Unicist Conference will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of January and will be based on a Clinic on how to build sustainable growth. Unicist Institutionalization demonstrates, among other things, that individualistic entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs are natural survivors that add value in extreme surviving conditions, but are dysfunctional to build growth. The Clinic includes the development of a strategy for introducing institutionalization to grow in companies whatever their size is.
We recommend our partners and associated consultants to install a Goodwill House and invite potential clients. The cost of the activity is USD 100.- for Goodwill Network members and USD 300.- for non-members.
Registration will be opened on Friday 19th December.
Participants will receive an e-book on “Institutionalization – The Driver of Growth”.