The discovery of the ontology of superiority complexes 1

The research began in 1985 and ended in December 2008. The information included in the abstract is basic to deal with strategies in the individual, institutional and social fields.
Please consider that our clients are basically talented people who are frequently affected by this problem.
Consider also the limits of the environment:
1) There are cultures that foster superiority complexes.
2) There are cultures that foster inferiority complexes (identification with the victim).
3) There are cultures that foster actions.

The antidotes for superiority complexes are:
a) Foundations.
b) Actions.
c) Feed-back.

Understanding the superiority complex you will be able to solve most of the implementation problems in the field of the individual approach to strategy. You will need to perceive the difference between superiority complexes than compensate inferiority complexes and genuine superiority complexes.

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  • Andrea Meier

    I read with interest the Ontology of Human Complexes. It motivated me to read more of teh articles and abstracts on the research page. The instructions say that users can access these docs by clicking on the individual tititles. However, the only link that I could open was the the ontology article. Please help me overcome this barrier.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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