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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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A Breakthrough in Management: Clinic on Unicist Object driven Organization (*)

The Clinic on Unicist Object Driven Organization, as part of the X International Unicist Conference 2009, will take place on April 23-24, 2009.

Learning from nature to increase productivity

The Unicist Object Driven Organization (UODO) changed the existing organizational paradigms. This Clinic will help enterprisers, entrepreneurs, executives and managers to organize companies based on the nature of their businesses. Nature is organized by objects. This model emulates nature to achieve results promoting expansion while optimizing the energy invested.

The Unicist Object Driven Organization Model was created by Peter Belohlavek based on the Unicist Ontology of Evolution applied to business strategies. While on the one hand, this model turned out to be a breakthrough in management, on the other hand, it is a back to basics.

This clinic will open new possibilities to all types of organizations whether they are profit or non-profit activities. It will be opening a door to a new world: The world of natural processes where, paradoxically, there is an “extreme” energy optimization ensured.

Organizational objects are functional operational structures that produce added value based on a concept that allows their integration in an organization with a quality assurance that ensures their reliability.

The UODO is structured by three organizational meta-models:

-The Natural Organization: as a driver towards the natural pathway to business optimization.
-Client Centered Management: as the catalyst to produce added value to the market.
-Personalized Organization: as the basis for minimum strategies.

This model has been applied totally or partially in hundreds of organizations. Its multiple applications demonstrated the extraordinary value of this organizational model, its scope and limits. This model is being used at The Unicist Research Institute, having tripled the productivity of its “world class colleagues” in the field of R&D.

Participants will receive the e-book “Unicist Organization – Object Driven Design” in which they will find the fundamentals of this organizational model.
You will be participating in a virtual clinic with participants from all over the world.

This is a sponsored activity of the “Scientific Dissemination Program” of The Unicist Research Institute, in order to make breakthroughs accessible worldwide.
Take advantage of this sponsored opportunity to learn about this breakthrough.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

(*) This post includes information on the nature of a specific issue. We recommend to file this post in a special folder as a cognitive object in order to be able to access it when it is needed (The Editor).