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Philanthropic actions – Research on the X International Unicist Conference

We have made a research with the participation of the UKC-Houston-2 with Mary Jo Martin to define the probability of success of the Goodwill Houses organized by our Partners.
It has to be considered that this chapter of the Conference, the Clinic, has had 35% more participants in the English and Spanish chapter (at this moment 157) than the October’s Conference. Brazil is being reorganized and has a special treatment.
There are 7 participants that come from our Partners’ actions. 5 come from the UKC-Houston and two come from unknown UKCs.

The context

There are businesses that require an institutional approach. Medicine, education and science are three businesses that have to be developed in an institutional environment. We are in two of them: science and education. Therefore institutionalization is the natural organizational model. This implies being organized as an “Enterprise” and not as an “entrepreneur”.

Institutionalization requires a social commitment. The social commitment is a catalyst for business actions. Institutionalization is inhibited if social commitment does not exist.

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In the commercial world the relation between price and value has to be consistent. High values imply high prices. In the philanthropic activity there is no relation between value and price because the beneficiaries do not pay for what they receive.

Unfortunately the clinic was positioned by our partners as a commercial activity instead of being presented as a philanthropic activity. Therefore the price of USD 100.- became ridiculously low and implied a degradation of its value.

Entrepreneurs are not used to believing in institutions in their field of activity.

The Positioning of the Conference

The ontology of Scientific Dissemination Programs was used to define the probability of success of our Partners’ Goodwill Houses. -See mathematics of the unicist logic and Unicist Ontological Segmentation (Functional Segmentation)-. 

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The fact that The Unicist Research Institute is a global leading research organization in the field of complexity science was disregarded. Therefore the mathematic validates that the probability of being successful in the Goodwill Houses is (0) zero.

It has to be considered that if it is accepted that 10% of the leaders accept innovations and that 70 % of potential innovative leaders might be occupied on a specific day, 3% of the individuals contacted might participate in a Goodwill House. To join 20 participants a Goodwill House has to contact about 700 individuals. This is a Scientific Dissemination Program (SDP) to give access to the community to scientific breakthroughs.

Unicist Philanthropic Activities

From now on the philanthropic activities are not an obligation anymore, as it was established in the UPP.

Partners and Associated Consultant have to participate in the Conferences as part of their learning programs but Goodwill Houses can only be organized by voluntary participants of the Goodwill Network. This was the organization of the Conference before 2008.

To participate as a volunteer please register in the Goodwill Network.

Welcome to all those who are willing to exert their social commitment within the Unicist Confederation. From now on the business arm of TURI has no obligation to participate in philanthropic actions.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence