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Free access technologies for project H.O.P.E

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A complete set of unicist technologies will be available for the participants of the project H.O.P.E.
To make them available it is necessary to provide participants with the fundamentals, but making them accessible in plain language.
For this purpose, the Collection for Globalization and Sustainable Development is being prepared. It consists of e-books that include the unicist ontological technologies and debates, written in plain language in order to make them accessible for the participants of the Goodwill Network and the project H.O.P.E.

The technologies that will be included are:
1) Unicist Decision Making & Risk Management
2) Unicist Leadership
3) Unicist Learning – Corporate University
4) Influencing Nature – Conceptual Structures & DNA
5) Unicist Family Business Diagnosis
6) Unicist Aesthetics (already finished)
7) Sustainable Development in the Business World
8) Unicist Family Business Image Building
9) Minimum Strategy Building
10) Counter-cyclical Strategy Building
11) Efficacy: The Key to Success
12) Unicist Scorecard & Balanced Scorecard
13) Family Business Strategy
14) Business Ethics – Social Capital Building (already finished)
15) Relationship Management
16) Economic Growth
17) Quality Assurance
18) Innovation – The lessons of Nikola Tesla (already finished)

These are the concepts but not necessarily the titles of the books.
These technologies are additional to the White Papers that all participants will be able to access.
These e-books on debates will be prepared with internal and external volunteers.
We are pleased to confirm the participation of:
Andrea Meier, Carla Pelosso, Marian Fabian, Helen Stevenson, Ulises de la Orden, John W. Wagner, Pablo Tauta, Manuela Amgwerd, Angela Moretti, Anita Davis-DeFoe, Cesar Pilco Flores, Martin Alvaro.
The collection will be completed before April 1, 2009. The e-books will be published in the  language of the volunteers (English,  Portuguese or Spanish). They won’t be translated.

Volunteering UKCs

We already have 16 volunteering UKCs dedicated exclusively to this non profit activity. We are now inviting Ph.D. students from all over the world to participate as volunteers. This project requires a very qualified and idealistic approach to be implemented. Our goal is to integrate 100 volunteers by the end of January.