Unicist Confederation’s countercyclical strategies are finished

The growth crisis, that began with acute symptoms in July 2008, forced a transition in the organization of the Unicist Confederation.
The countercyclical strategies have been implemented and the transition is over. Now there are near 1100 prospects that will be distributed among partners.

The post-transition organization implies functioning strictly as a Confederation. This implies:
A) An institutional positioning with the implicit synergy and critical mass.
B) Cooperation between partners based on “World Class” specialization qualification.
C) A bottom up organization. Partners decide what to do to achieve the goals that have been agreed.
D) Google Ads responses will flow directly to the partners
E) Central delivery of technologies
F) Central Strategy, Image and Ad design
G) Central Market and Organizational Labs
H) Central Learning Programs and “World Class Certification”
I) Monthly “budget round tables”
J) A Quality Assurance System for external communications and implementations
K) Admission of new partners of the Unicist Confederation does not include a “Japanese Park” anymore. In many cases  this produced paradoxical results. Newcomers need to share the Unicist ontological approach in order to be admitted. They enter directly in the business and the learning program to access “World Class Certification” (*).

We recommend using the last two weeks of December to adapt to the final organization.

It is a pleasure to inform you that the transition is over and the business “begins”.

(*) World Class Partner: an individual who makes things happen in a specific field.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence