Unicist Certification before 12.12.08 – Unicist Coaching Level

The Unicist Certification Program to develop Individual Unicist Strategy Programs requires the implementation of a Micro-clinic and a Question Answering Session on Unicist Foundation Building and Unicist Strategy Building (in one unit). Partners that are certifying can make use of the available presentations. Both activities (micro-clinic + QA) require 2 hours. The Micro-clinic is developed during the first hour and the Question Answering Session during the second.
The evaluation model is based on the Unicist Talent Development Model based on:
-Strategic talents
-Business talents
-Leadership talents
-Institutional talents
-Operational talents
-Personal development talents

See Unicist Certification:

Please contact Noemi Brown this week to confirm when you will be certifying (Day and hour) before December 12th.
( n.i.brown@unicist.org )