Project H.O.P.E – Harmony – Opportunity – People – Expectancy

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Crisis: Danger & Opportunity = Minimum & Maximal Strategies

Crisis: Danger & Opportunity = Minimum & Maximal Strategies

The Unicist Research Institute together with the Unicist Confederation decided to foster a positive attitude towards the growth crisis in the economic world.
That is why TURI now opens the research on the “Growth Crisis 2008” to the community. We expect to disseminate the positive approach to a minimum of 1,000 CPAs per partner (optimum: 2,500) before December 10th in order to help them to begin next year with a positive attitude. We have chosen to disseminate this program among CPAs because they are directly involved with their clients’ crises. Our partners are free to add other people.
The Unicist Research Institute will be disseminating this project to 25,000 members of the community worldwide.
Participants will have free access to the unicist technology and will be able to share their experiences with other colleagues in the Unicist Network.
This is a philanthropic action giving technologies for free to the community. (No selling or marketing actions are permitted – this is not SPAM) – This is a Goodwill program based on scientific dissemination.
The building of the minimum data base will demand a one day full-time activity.
This program is sponsored by the Goodwill Network.
Please feel free to participate or not, and confirm explicitly your participation to:


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