Project H.O.P.E – Fostering a Global Movement

"Equal opportunities for all"

" ... equal opportunities for all"

We have finished the preparation of the H.O.P.E. Project as a global movement to stimulate facing the crisis with counter-cyclical strategies to accelerate evolution and inhibit the destruction of “equal opportunities for all”. This philanthropic activity will integrate the Goodwill Network – fostering opportunities – the Unicist Confederation – disseminating and supporting the community – the Unicist Network – providing a discussion space for the members of the movement- and The Unicist Research Institute – giving technological support for this activity. The formal launching will be on Monday December 1st. We thank our partners for their support. We will ask you to disseminate this activity personally in the mass media after the 5th of December. We will try to integrate more than 1,000 active members in the World. The crisis was not provoked by “others” and it will not be solved by “others”. We are all part of it. Thank you for helping to help.

It is up to us!!!