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We invite you to invite your children or the children of your friends to participate in the “Empower your Freedom” program that will take place on TWITCH from February 2022 on. It is a non-profit program that has been designed for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old. It works as a catalyst for abductive reasoning processes and demands 1-hour a week (including the 20-minute session on TWITCH).

Abductive reasoning, introduced by Charles S. Peirce, allows apprehending the functionality of things. The unicist logic was developed to manage such functionality and provided the rules for abductive reasoning.

This logic also enabled the development of the unicist AI, which is a fundamentals-based AI, that allows managing the functionality of processes. Unicist AI also minimizes the subjective bias of data-based AI ensuring big data management.

This is part of the transgenerational development non-profit project The Unicist Research Institute is sponsoring and developing to give adolescents the chance to enter the world with a functionalist approach that can easily be managed by facing the use of computer games going beyond intuition. Access;

What for?

The unicist logical reasoning is the next stage of abductive reasoning. The abductive reasoning approach was developed by Charles S. Peirce who could not relate it with reasoning rules. That is why it could not be systematically included in social education, which is the case of deductive and inductive reasoning.

This problem was solved by the development of the unicist logic that explains the functionality of things. Unicist logical reasoning was developed to use the unicist logic to manage the functionality of the real world. It is somehow related to abductive reasoning because it includes rule based abductive reasoning processes.

Abductive reasoning is not only necessary to manage the functionality of things, but also to deal with the future and with innovations, to develop strategies and to adapt to the environment. This requires using the unicist logic to define the functional structures of both the aspects that are being managed and the environment.

Abductive reasoning, using the unicist logic, was made manageable due to the development of the unicist functional design method that manages the ontogenetic maps of the functionality of things and processes. This enabled designing and building reliable operational solutions in adaptive environments.

We hope that you decide to offer this opportunity to them.

The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Functionalist Approach: The functionalist approach is based on the use of binary actions that are composed by two synchronized actions where the first one opens possibilities and the second one ensures results.