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The Unicist Functionalist Approach to Science

  • The Unicist Logic allows understanding and managing the functionality of the real world. The Unicist Logic is a synthetic logic that emulates the ontogenetic intelligence of nature and its maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to survive. The functional structures of things were named concepts, which are integrated by a purpose, an active function, […] The post Unicist Logic: The Logic of Functionality appeared first on The Unicist Functionalist Approach to Science. Continue Reading »

Functionality of Conscious Intelligence

  • We invite you to invite your children or the children of your friends to participate in the “Empower your Freedom” program that will take place on TWITCH from February 2022 on. It is a non-profit program that has been designed for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old. It works as a catalyst for abductive […] Continue Reading »

Managing the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • A windmill is a machine that, by obtaining energy from the wind, crushes grains in order to turn them into flour. Its purpose is to reduce the grains to powder, in other words, to turn them into flour. Its active function is based on capturing wind energy (eolic energy) using blades and converting it into […] The post Intelligence of an ancient windmill to produce flour appeared first on Managing the 4th Industrial Revolution. Continue Reading »

Unicist IT & Business Cobots

  • The Unicist Functional Designers were developed to ensure the functionality of business processes. The Unicist Functional Designers are a solution factory to design actions in adaptive environments. They are based on a unicist ontological approach that allows managing the functionality and operation of adaptive systems. The solutions include the use of unicist AI and binary […] The post Simplifying the Design of Adaptive Business Processes appeared first on Unicist IT & Business Cobots. Continue Reading »

Unicist Conceptual Management

  • Binary actions are two synchronized actions that expand businesses while they ensure their results. They were developed to manage the evolution of adaptive environments by managing actions to install maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results. Binary actions empower the value of processes while they diminish their costs. They use catalysts to […] The post Experience the Use of Binary Actions appeared first on Unicist Conceptual Management. Continue Reading »

Unicist Conceptual Marketing

  • The unicist logic defines the intelligence of things by describing their functionality. The abductive reasoning process, based on the rules established by the unicist logic, opens the world of a functionalist approach to the real world, expanding the possibilities for developing functional solutions in adaptive environments. The functional design uses the unicist logical approach to […] The post January 14th International Day of the Unicist Logic appeared first on Unicist Conceptual Marketing. Continue Reading »

Unicist Business Strategy

  • The unicist compass is a system to solve specific problems by managing the root causes of the functions and developing catalysts to accelerate processes. It allows making diagnoses and develop strategies, solutions, business objects and catalysts to accelerate the speed of growth of businesses, their processes and their markets. The intelligent compass was developed at […] The post Unicist Intelligent Business Compass appeared first on Unicist Business Strategy. Continue Reading »

Unicist Future Research Lab

  • We invite you to define the functional ideologies that allow enhancing the synergy of your culture, group, or organization. Ideologies save energy while they provide the complement that is needed to achieve the objectives that have been defined and drive the evolution of institutions and organizations. Their use only requires adopting a functionalist approach. Ideologies […] The post Install functional ideologies in your environment appeared first on Unicist Future Research Laboratory. Continue Reading »