Unicist Standard: How Power Centered Organizations work

Power centered organizations need to be based on extremely solid groundings in order to be successful. There are too many power centered organizations that are successful in the world. Because they are such, it is taboo to mention their existence as power centered organizations.

It requires that the organizations or their leaders, when they are not institutionalized, need to be considered subjectively as eternal, omniscient and omnipotent.

People follow power driven leaders when they are able to demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge and omnipotence to cover the expectancy of the followers.

The Omniscient Perception is based on the real knowledge leaders have of what is happening in the environment.  Omniscient knowledge requires that leaders produce the necessary actions to generate value for the followers.

Omnipotence is attributed to leaders when they are perceived as driving towards an eternal state. When leaders are perceived as omnipotent followers cannot imagine the real world without their existence.

Absolute power exertion is based on a perception of eternal power, unchanged rules and absolute ideologies. This is functional as long as power driven leaders produce the necessary value for their followers.

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Peter Belohlavek

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