The use of Twitter in the marketing of products

Social networks produce a specific market segmentation that needs to be respected in order to work. But “social networks” as such do not exist as a universal commercial category, because each social network has a differentiated specific positioning.

Networks, as “commercial vehicles”, are an object that has a concept that characterizes them, add a specific value because of their structure and design and have a particular consistency and reliability that gives them a quality assurance.

As a business object, Twitter is a social network that works as a “gravitational object” influencing the communications that are being developed.

The paradox is that, besides this fact, tweets need to produce an authority, give a freedom framework in their communication so the individual can participate and provide them security that needs to be perceived.

In this case, it is said to be a paradox because for the tweets to work they need to have an identifiable authority in a specific segment that overcomes the context in which it acts.

Therefore, it is necessary to have authority in a segment in order for twitter to work as a commercial vehicle. This works differently in Facebook, Linkedin or Xing.

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Diana Belohlavek
VP Global Markets & Market Labs

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