The Power of Businesses is based on their Archetypes

Institutional archetypes emulate the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature and evolve according to the Unicist Theory of Evolution.

The archetype of a business defines its power. Power implies the capacity of a business  to produce an amount of work per unit of time. Therefore power defines the influence and speed of a business. Thus the speed of a business is based on the archetype of the company.

It has to be considered that the archetype of a country establishes the gravitational forces that drive the values of a Company.

This implies that industrial businesses are strongly influenced by the archetypes of their original country. Only Global Businesses are not driven by the archetype of the country where they began. The Rotary Club is an example of this case.

Apple is a self-evident example of the context of the American Archetype.

Access the fundamentals of Apple at:

Access the archetype of the USA at:

The same case can be demonstrated considering the fundamentals of General Electric. Access them at:

The power of businesses depends on their archetypes. Structurally, we can define five different archetypes that define different levels of influential power of companies:

1)      Local
2)      Multi-local
3)      International
4)      Multinational
5)      Global

Understanding the company’s archetype allows us to define what kind of businesses can be developed.

Alliances increase power

It is self-evident that alliances increase the power of their participants.

Complementary alliances produce stable increases of the power because they are based on the complementation of their strengths. Supplementary alliances only produce transitory increases of the power because they are based on the reinforcement of weaknesses.

Although the opposite is said in public, businesses with a high power of influence are not welcome in countries with low power archetypes. This knowledge allows defining how to work in which countries.

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