The context of business strategy building

Strategies exist in the mind of the strategist or they do not exist. Strategies happen in the future; therefore they can just exist as ideas in the mind of the one who is responsible for succeeding.

There are two conditions that are needed to design strategies:

1) The individual must be the “General” in the specific field in which s/he is acting. A General is the individual who is responsible for making things happen.
2) The individual has to have the capacity to foresee the future in that field

The first condition defines the possibility of assuming the responsibility of the strategy. The second condition defines the capacity to manage time minimizing costs and maximizing results.

A strategy is necessarily driven by the future. Developing successful strategies implies recognizing that the individuals who cannot envision the future can not grasp the strategy. The end of the conflict has to be envisioned in order to be able to develop a strategy.

A Strategy is the art of a General, because a capacity to envision the future is needed in order to transform a conflict into a success.

Generals achieved their rank because they have this capacity. Noncommissioned officers are not responsible for seeking the future. They are responsible for the minimum strategy. But in order to do so, they have to accept that someone can foresee what they cannot.

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* From the book “The Nature of Unicist Business Strategy: The Mind of the Strategist” by Peter Belohlavek.

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