War in peace

Negotiations are wars in peace

A negotiation is implicitly a war with no material weapons. The unicist ontology of negotiations was discovered by Peter Belohlavek at The Unicist Research Institute.

It requires following three steps within the four levels of negotiations.

The three steps are:

a)      Authority conflict: There has to be an authority conflict in order to accept that both parts are peers from some point of view.

b)      Involution conflict: both parts need to accept that they have opposite interests in order to need to find a bridge. It is necessary to find a superior convenience that works as gravitational force to integrate the opposition.

c)      Evolution conflict: A negotiation ends when both parts accept that they are complementary and that the agreement they have achieved enriches both parts in some way. Win-win doesn’t mean that both parts have the same benefit. It just means that both parts win.

The natural complementation conflicts begin when the negotiation ends. Complementation conflicts are the natural evolution conflicts. They need to be managed so the process does not begin from scratch.

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