OpenText: Unicist Golden Eagle Award for Binary Actions

The Awards Committee of The Unicist School has recognized the market expansion strategy of OpenText based on its product synergy with the Unicist Golden Eagle Award for notorious binary actions in business. This award is based on the recommendation of the Assessment Committee of The Unicist Research Institute.

The binary actions of OpenText to satisfy the market’s needs are based on the integration of synergic products for the market that work as catalysts and empower the value proposition of the company increasing the critical mass of the business.  

This strategy has been named “growing by integration”. On the one hand, it satisfied the needs of the customer and clients and, on the other hand, it allowed providing proven technologies to the markets.

The success in these binary actions is given by the consistency of the business model of OpenText, which is based on the development of strong customer orientation of products and services. 

Martin Alvaro
The Unicist Research Institute

NOTE: 100% of the business models of expansive businesses are based on binary actions that include the use of catalysts. Binary actions are two synchronized actions that, one the one hand, open possibilities establishing a functional context and, on the other hand, close processes to generate results.