Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Functionality of Intuition and Anti-intuition

Dealing with strategies at a personal or institutional level requires approaching reality which necessarily includes the use of intuition. But it has to be considered that intuition and anti-intuition are extremely alike and only can be separated when it is too late and the results are on the table. This is an approach to provide information to make it easier to separate intuitive perceptions from anti-intuitive influence.

“Intuition is the intelligence functionality to approach a reality in an instantaneous way.

When an individual approaches a reality he uses intuition, a non conscious intelligence, to decode the environment

Ideas, like expressions of intuition, come from the genetic intelligence. To build an idea the signs of a given reality have their meaning based on preexisting experiences.

Intuition, which is based on genetic intelligence, sets the grounds to approach reality. A logical processing is needed in order to transform intuition into added value actions.

Naturally, since intuition comes from genetic intelligence, it seeks to solve the problem of the one intuiting. It does not seek to add value to the environment; it seeks to appropriate value (although not at its expense). Natural intuition only includes the relationship between the individual and the environment which he is relating to.

Inner freedom is required to access intuition and to avoid internal censorship. Censorship blocks intuition.

Censorship is the first step to transform intuition into conscious knowledge.

When the individual is adapted to an environment intuition generates functional ideas to that environment.

Intuition works paradoxically whenever the environment is uncertain or when the individual feels overwhelmed or is within a declining environment.

Informally we named it “the 180 degrees intuition”, because it proposes non adaptive actions to adapt to the environment. It is an anti-intuition that needs to destroy the reality that is threatening the individual.

On the other hand, anti-intuition is an expression of human complexes. Anti-intuition’s functionality is to maintain complexes alive and to expand them.”

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