Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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The use of Marketing Strategies according to the segments

The unicist functional marketing strategies are focused on the generation of added value to customers establishing a complementary relationship with them. Marketing strategies follow the characteristics of the buying processes of the potential customers.

This requires using the marketing strategies to influence each specific buying process. The structure of functional strategies applies both to B2C and B2B markets. These strategies define the structural marketing strategies that are needed based on the characteristics of the segments of buyers and the products or services proposed.

Functional Marketing Strategies

Eight different strategies can be defined based on the universal ontological structure of marketing considered as a complex system. In the field of marketing, there are two different strategic approaches, differentiation driven marketing and cost-value (price) driven marketing. These approaches are managed at an operational level in the market.

The unicist functionalist approach is based on the basic research, which drove to the development of the unicist logic and the unicist ontology that defines “things” based on their functionality. The applied research drove to the development of functionalist marketing.

Functionalist marketing is based on the discovery of the roots of human intelligence, its application to influence people and the discovery of the conceptual structure of the natural marketing models that allow influencing the different segments of the market.

This applies to all types of businesses being they non-profit activities, B2C businesses or B2B businesses. These eight models are:

Differentiation Driven Marketing Strategies

  • First Choice Driven Marketing
  • Sponsor Driven Marketing
  • Innovation Marketing
  • Passive Influence Driven Marketing

Cost/Value (Price) Driven Marketing Strategies

  • Brand Driven Marketing
  • Referrals Driven Marketing
  • Demonstration Driven Marketing
  • Relationship Driven Marketing

Functionalist marketing is based on establishing the natural steps of the buying process of a product or service. Each segment is considered an autonomous but interdependent universe.

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