Questions are needed to manage adaptive systems

Adaptive systems are in permanent motion. Therefore the knowledge of their nature is necessary in order to establish fixed points to influence them.

To apprehend an adaptive system it is necessary to have the questions to grasp what is behind the apparent actions. This is what makes evolution possible.

“Action-reflection-action” is the process that needs to be followed to influence an adaptive system’s environment.

The basic questions that need to be posed at the different levels of logical thinking and reflection are:

Why? – Conceptual thinking and reflection
What for? – Scientific / systemic thinking
What? – Analytic thinking
How? – Operational thinking

When reality is approached based on responses instead of question it is degraded to the pre-concepts that individuals have in their minds. This drives necessarily to parallel realities and involution.

The acceptance of this fact fosters a change of the educational systems. In the real world, students are basically evaluated based on the responses they are able to provide.

Approaching reality based on questions has become a “Martian” behavior. But the integration of both questions and answers is needed to generate evolution.

Conservatism rules, because it needs to foster predefined responses. The future generations will have to pay the prices the present generation doesn’t want to pay.

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Peter Belohlavek

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