Psychopaths drive their environments towards involution

Psychopaths in leadership drive cultures, institutions, businesses and their members towards involution in order to prevail.

At an ontological level, a psychopath is a person that is driven by individual instincts achieving a destructive result for the environment to produce a state of pleasure based on materialistic, emotional and/or spiritual personal benefits.

Psychopathic leaders are smart enough to build the necessary fallacies and fallacious myths in order to avoid the perception or their manipulation and benefits.

They stimulate the involution of the cultures for their personal benefits. They cannot lead evolving cultures or transform involving into evolving environments.

As psychopathy is driven by instincts without the possibility of rational scrutiny, the pleasure it generates produces no guilt in spite of the damage the psychopath has caused in the environment.

Psychopathy is also the extreme case of anti-intelligence and anti-intuition because this behavior drives, in the long run, into a social destruction of its protagonist.

The instincts that drive psychopaths depend on their field of action. This case is the activity of psychopaths in the field of leadership.

Diana Belohlavek

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